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Clay Centre Gallery is an integral part of The Clay Centre in Carrboro, NC, and features work by Barbara Higgins.

It is open to the public and provides a showcase for work created at The Clay Centre, allowing Clay Centre artists to exhibit and sell our work on site.

The work in the gallery pictured here has been wheel-thrown or handbuilt by Barbara Higgins, and includes porcelain and stoneware, fired to mid-range, 2175 degrees Fahrenheit in oxidation. To make the slab pieces pictured, a slab is carved and bisque-fired, then a fresh porcelain slab is rolled over the bisqued slab to pick up the pattern. The piece is then cut from the wet slab and put together with slip and coils. Patterns are highlighted with underglaze and the piece is bisque fired, glazed and fired.

The images are frequently water or stream images and include cranes, skies (clouds and moon), leaves, bamboo, turtles, dragonflies and more. A feeling of the ephemera of a day pervades each piece and urges us to absorb and relish every moment.

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Peach tumbler
Peach tumbler
Espresso set
Espresso Set
Porcelain plate
Porcelain Plate
Small crane dishes
Small Crane Dishes

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