The Clay Centre
Spring Session
April 8 – May 22
(Seven weeks per class)

Advanced Wheel ~
This class will focus on form, making pots that are based on good design and functional qualities. Susan will give weekly demonstrations to help develop throwing skills and the concepts of form. Students must be able to center clay competently for this class.

Wednesdays, 10am-12noon + ˝ hr. for clean-up
Instructor: Susan Filley
Cost: $150 plus $40 supplies fee (Total: $190.00)

Monday Daytime Wheel ~
Students will learn to center and throw cylinders and related forms—tumblers, bowls, and mugs. Pots will be glazed and fired to cone 6. This class is for beginning or continuing students who have little experience on the wheel.

Mondays, 10am-12noon+ ˝ hr. for clean-up
Instructor: Amy Smoker
Cost: $150 plus $40 supplies fee (Total: $190.00)

Tuesday Intermediate Wheel ~
Students will continue basic throwing skills including centering and trimming their pieces. Shapes will include bowls, pots, and plates with a focus on lighter and more on-center forms. Pots will be glazed with cone 6 stoneware glazes. Continuing and intermediate students are welcome!

Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30pm + ˝ hr. for clean-up
Instructor: Amy Smoker
Cost: $150 plus $40 supplies fee (Total: $190)

Handbuilding and Surface Decoration ~
Students will learn to use the slab roller and to make tiles and other simple handbuilding projects using stamps, sgraffito and additional texture techniques. They will use slips and underglazes to decorate their pieces before bisque-firing them. The bisqued pieces will be glazed and fired at the last class. This class is for beginning and continuing students.

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 + 1/2 hr. for clean-up
Instructor: Hollie Taylor
Cost: $150 plus $40 supplies fee (Total: $190.00)

Day Use of the Studio (Ages 18+) ~
For intermediate clay students, an opportunity to use the clay studio for their own projects. Day use of the studio is limited to times when the studio is not in use for classes--no instructor is present. Day Use is not for production, and is available to those who have taken a class at the Clay Centre. Independent Study (use of the studio after hours) is also available. See Barbara for eligibility and cost.

Open Studios will be held Saturdays from 11 am - 1 pm.
Missed classes can be made up during open studios—No make-up classes will be held.

For more information on classes and workshops, contact the Clay Centre at 967-0314. If you leave your email address on the answering machine, you will be sent an e-brochure, including policies and other details.

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